Ocular Oncology

What Is Ocular Oncology?

Ocular oncology is a small subspecialty of ophthalmology that involves the treatment of cancers and tumors that are located in or around the eye. These conditions have a broad range in regards to their severity, as some may be relatively harmless, while others may pose a risk to a person’s vision. Certain ocular tumors may also be potentially life-threatening.

Treatment options for eye cancers and tumors can include surgical removal, radiation, and chemotherapy.

What Causes Eye Cancer and Tumors?

Cancers and tumors of the eye can appear for any number of reasons, many of which are unknown — especially primary tumors that originate in the eye region. Secondary cancers and tumors refer to growths that have made their way to the eye region as the result of unrelated conditions, such as lymphoma and atypical lymphoid hyperplasia. These growths begin in other areas of the body and then eventually make their way to the eye area.

Common Conditions Treated at DMEI

  • Uveal Melanoma
  • Retinoblastoma
  • Eye Lymphoma
  • Eyelid Cancers
  • Nevus (Eye Freckle)

Types of Surgery and Treatments

Dean McGee Eye Institute offers the following procedures for eye tumors and cancer:

  • Radiation Plaque Therapy (Brachytherapy)
  • External Beam Radiation Therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Eye Cancer Surgery

Dean McGee Ocular Oncology Specialist Are Here to Help

The Dean McGee Eye Institute’s Ocular Oncology department treats both child and adult patients suffering from eye cancers and tumors. Our team is equipped to diagnose and address these complex conditions with the utmost precision in terms of treatment options and surgical procedures.

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