Didactic Conferences

Enhancing the various learning experiences made available to our residents are a number of didactic conferences conducted by Dean McGee Eye Institute / University of Oklahoma Department of Ophthalmology faculty. These evening conferences also provide the residents dinner catered by local restaurants.

Fluorescein Conference

Occurring on two Tuesdays of the month, these conferences are presented by the medical and surgical retina staff. The primary educational focus is the diagnosis of retinal disease through the systematic evaluation of fluorescein angiography and OCT. Common, classic, and rare case presentations are discussed in order to better equip our residents in the use of these diagnostic technologies.

Slit Lamp Conference

One Tuesday per month, these conferences are taught by our cornea and anterior segment staff. The primary focus is the diagnosis and management of anterior segment pathology. Cases are presented from the staff’s current or previous patients.

Neuro-Ophthalmology Conference

One Tuesday per month, these conferences focus on neuro-ophthalmologic disease, with a secondary focus on neuro-imaging and surgical management. Our neuro-ophthalmology staff conduct these conferences.

Pathology Conference

This monthly conference is conducted by Dr. Brian K. Firestone, a trained ocular oncologist/pathologist, and provides an opportunity to discuss the histologic findings of various ocular and orbital disease processes. Instruction consists of didactic lectures and slide reviews using a five-headed microscope.

Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Conference

A quarterly conference (when a month has a fifth Tuesday) presented by the residents and conducted by our pediatrics faculty, this conference consists of two to three case presentations. Emphasis is placed on the diagnosis and management of pediatric and adult strabismus as well as presentations of infrequently encountered disease entities.

Glaucoma Conference

This conference occurs once every other month and is conducted by our glaucoma faculty. Emphasis is placed on the diagnosis and management of glaucoma and its associated syndromes. Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are reviewed, including pre- and post-operative decision-making and management and procedural techniques.

Cataract Video Conference

This conference is conducted nine to 10 times a year by our anterior segment surgeons. During the conference, resident cases which have been digitally recorded are reviewed and critiqued for the purpose of improving the surgical skills of all the residents.

On Call Conference

Held quarterly, and attended by residents and faculty, these conferences give the residents the opportunity to review and improve performance during on-call assignments as well as inpatient consultations. Diagnosis and management pearls and pitfalls are discussed so that everyone has the opportunity to learn from each other.

Mortality and Morbidity Conference

This conference is conducted multiple times per year by Dr. Annie Moreau and attended by other faculty, and all the residents. The primary focus of this conference is improved patient care through a practice-based approach to evaluating individual cases. In a supportive and non-threatening environment, the residents and fellows are encouraged to discuss professional successes and failures, and analyze the sequence of events that lead to those situations. Also discussed are recent articles on practice management, medical errors, and patient care.