Medical Student Program

The medical student program at the Dean McGee Eye Institute (DMEI)/University of Oklahoma (OU) Department of Ophthalmology gives medical students a broad experience in ophthalmologic education. Preclinical experiences include didactic lectures in the neurology of vision and orbital and ocular anatomy. You’ll learn learn clinical ophthalmology in your third or fourth year of medical school, and we arrange courses in conjunction with the Office of the Dean, OU College of Medicine.

Example courses include:

OPHT 9101 (Ophthalmology) – A 2-week overview of ophthalmology where you learn to measure visual acuity, evaluate red eyes, assess abnormal eye movements, perform direct ophthalmoscopy, etc.

OPHT 9410 (Clinical Ophthalmology) – A 4-week introduction to ophthalmology where students participate in outpatient and inpatient services, observe surgeries, and attend Grand Rounds and other didactic conferences. Rotations take place at DMEI, VA Medical Center, and The Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center.

OPHT 9412 (Advanced Clinical Ophthalmology) – A 4-week session for fourth-year students who have an interest in an ophthalmology career. You’ll be an active member of the patient care team and will examine patients and assist in surgery when practical.

OPHT 9414 (Neuro-Ophthalmology) – A 4-week session where you’ll take part in all the clinical activities of the neuro-ophthalmology service.

OPHT 9960 (Ophthalmology Off Campus Elective) – With the approval of the Dean’s Office, you can undertake work in ophthalmology at a clinic or hospital unaffiliated with DMEI/OU or the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

OPHT 9980 (Ophthalmology Special Studies) – With the Dean’s approval, this course provides an in-depth study of a specific subject for which there is no existing approved course.  This allows you to work directly with a faculty member to enhance your clinical and/or research skill.

A full description of these courses, and other courses available, can be found in the OU College of Medicine Course Catalogs, or by contacting the Dean’s Office at 405.271.2316.

How to Apply

You can find additional information through the Dean’s Office at 405.271.2316 if you want to visit the DMEI/OU Dean McGee Eye Institute or the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center.

You’re invited to participate in a four-week Advanced Ophthalmology Clerkship where you’ll participate in many ophthalmology subspecialties and gain valuable experience. Contact our Medical Education Coordinator at 405.271.7816 if you have any questions about the clerkship. NOTE: Students are advised not to take more than two ophthalmology electives at the University of Oklahoma or another institution. For additional online educational materials, visit the OUHSC College of Medicine Hippocrates site.