Optometry and Primary Eye Care

Eye Exams and Optometry Services in OKC, Edmond, and Lawton

You want your vision to be as clear as possible. You want to be able to see the smiling faces of loved ones, to take in the beauty of a sunset, or to read a book that inspires you.

So, when your vision is not clear, you notice it.

It can make it hard to concentrate or cause headaches. If your vision is bad enough, it can interfere with everyday tasks or become debilitating. School-age children, in particular, can be negatively impacted by poor vision, as it can impair their academic performance and make it difficult to perform at a high level in extracurricular athletics or other activities. That is why it is especially important to schedule regular eye exams.

Don’t let poor vision limit you or your loved ones from being the best you can be!

The highly-skilled optometrists at the Dean McGee Eye Institute are here to help. When you trust your eyes to one of our optometrists, you will receive compassionate, personalized care at one of the top-ranked eye institutes in the nation. This means that you can be assured our doctors are always up to date on best practices, with continual access to advanced technology that can deliver the outstanding eye care you deserve.

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Eye Doctors for All Your Eye Care Needs

Our optometrists can provide primary eye care for a wide range of needs, including

If an exam reveals the need for advanced medical or surgical eye care, our optometrists are uniquely positioned to help you. Not only do our optometrists have more experience with medically complex cases, they also have access to the Dean McGee Eye Institute’s renowned team of ophthalmologists who are available to provide treatment for a myriad of eye diseases and conditions through quick and easy consultation and referral.

No other optometry practice in the state has this type of relationship.

Schedule an Eye Exam

Let one of our optometrists evaluate your eye health and provide you with the best in primary vision care. With convenient locations at the Oklahoma Health Center as well as in Northwest OKC and Edmond, there is no excuse to put off your eye exam any longer.

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