Glaucoma Treatments

Glaucoma Treatments in OKC and Edmond

Damage to the optic nerve and visual field caused by glaucoma is permanent and cannot be reversed. However, treatments are available to stop and prevent further damage. If you are diagnosed with glaucoma, you’ll generally need treatment for the rest of your life to prevent the disease from progressing.

Glaucoma treatment seeks to decrease intraocular pressure (IOP) or and prevent damage to the optic nerve. After a thorough glaucoma evaluation, your doctor will recommend treatment methods to decrease your IOP and slow the progression of glaucoma as necessary.

How Is Glaucoma Treated?

Different types of glaucoma require different treatment methods to prevent further damage to the optic nerve. Your doctor may recommend a combination of the following treatment methods based on the stage or progression of your glaucoma. Individualized treatment is very important in treating any type of glaucoma as IOP develops at a different pace and causes optic nerve damage to a different extent in each individual.

Eye Drops

Glaucoma can typically be controlled using eye drops. When used every day, eye drops can reduce IOP by either reducing the rate at which fluid, called aqueous humor, is produced or increasing the outflow of fluid from the eye. The exact type of eye drops recommended by your doctor is dependent on a careful assessment of your individual needs.

If eye drops don’t bring your eye pressure down to the desired level, your doctor may also prescribe an oral medication, usually a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor. Never change or stop taking your glaucoma eye drops or other medications without first talking to your ophthalmologist.

Laser Treatments for Glaucoma

In addition to eye drops or other medications, your doctor may recommend a laser treatment to open the drainage angle of your eye and/or reduce IOP. These procedures are conducted in-office and are relatively painless and safe. The type of laser treatment your doctor recommends is dependent on the type of glaucoma with which you have been diagnosed. Laser treatments available at DMEI include:


Surgical Options

Surgical treatments for glaucoma are often reserved for cases where eye drops or laser treatments were not effective in reducing IOP. If necessary, surgery can be used to enhance the eye’s native drainage system or create a new passage for fluid to drain from the eye. Each patient’s situation is unique, and if you require glaucoma surgery, careful individual counseling regarding your options as well as risks and benefits will be fully discussed.

Very few eye care facilities in the United States offer as many different surgical options for glaucoma as DMEI. Our surgical capabilities for glaucoma include:


Excellence in Glaucoma Treatment at DMEI

Halting the progression of glaucoma is possible! Our team of glaucoma experts who see patients at our Oklahoma Health Center and Edmond locations can provide you with the best possible results in managing and preventing the progression of glaucoma. Call 405.271.1093 or 800.787.9015 to schedule an evaluation today!

Patient Testimonials

It has been both a great blessing and privilege to have Dr. Skuta as my glaucoma doctor. I’m 35 years old and can enjoy the gift of sight because of his care, attention to detail, and tremendous skill. Thank you, Dr. Skuta. Waking up every day to see my husband and 3 beautiful boys is a treasure. Thank you for your hard work, care, & concern. I am truly grateful.

Candice Y.