BOTOX® Cosmetic in OKC

Do you want to look like yourself, but without facial lines and wrinkles?

Injectable BOTOX ® Cosmetic can refresh your appearance without surgery or downtime.

What Is BOTOX®?

BOTOX® Cosmetic and other brands of neuromodulators contain a safe, naturally produced protein that smooths away lines and wrinkles. Administered through a few tiny injections, BOTOX® works by temporarily blocking nerve impulses and relaxing the muscles responsible for wrinkle-causing expressions. The result is a smooth, improved appearance.

What Can BOTOX® Treat?

Originally approved to treat diplopia and muscle spasms, the use of BOTOX® has expanded to include cosmetic treatment for lines on the forehead, between the brows (glabella), and crow’s feet around the eyes (laugh lines). Additional areas of possible treatment include the lower face around the lips, chin, and jawline.

Can BOTOX® Prevent Wrinkles?

Yes, BOTOX® can prevent wrinkles from forming! That’s right. You do not need to wait for facial lines to appear to begin using BOTOX®. Starting BOTOX® treatment at a younger age can actually keep wrinkles from forming in the first place. You can learn more about the preventative power of BOTOX®, and the 13-year study of identical twins that proved it, by clicking here.

Is BOTOX® Treatment Painful?

BOTOX® injections require no anesthetic. It is injected using a very fine-gauged needle so any discomfort is typically brief and minimal and causes little to no redness or swelling. You can return to your daily activities immediately.

BOTOX® Results

A treatment session typically takes 10 to 20 minutes. Depending on the specific neuromodulator, results may be evident within 24 to 48 hours and typically last up to four months for moderate to severe lines. Results may last longer on areas that are regularly treated. Once BOTOX® wears off, lines and wrinkles will gradually return.

Other Treatment Options

There are other treatments available at the Dean McGee Eye Institute that use the botulinum protein to weaken the facial muscles for cosmetic purposes. These include:

  • Dysport – An injection to temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe lines between the eyebrows in adults younger than 65 years of age.
  • Xeomin – An injection for adults used to improve the appearance of frown lines between the eyebrows on a temporary basis.

Your doctor will be able to determine which product is best for your situation.

And for a more thorough facial rejuvenation, combine injections with these other cosmetic procedures provided by the oculoplastic surgeons at the Dean McGee Eye Institute:


Woman before Botox treatment for forehead rhytids in Oklahoma City

This wonderful patient underwent periocular and forehead botulinum toxin treatment with a marked reduction in periocular and forehead rhytids. The effects take about 1 week for full strength and last for up to 4 months. (Actual DMEI patient. Results may vary).

BOTOX® Cosmetic at the Dean McGee Eye Institute

You don’t have to live with facial lines and wrinkles! BOTOX® and other botulinum products can smooth away those lines and restore the look you had before they appeared. Call 405.271.1096 or 800.787.9018 today to schedule an appointment with one of our oculoplastic surgeons to learn what BOTOX® can do for you.