Premium Cataract Surgery

What Is Premium Cataract Surgery?

With standard cataract surgery, the natural eye lens is replaced with a mono-focal synthetic intraocular lens (IOL) and a new glasses prescription is required after surgery in order to achieve your best vision. A standard formula is used to calculate the prescription of the lens and the surgery is performed with a scalpel.

By contrast, premium cataract surgery at the Dean McGee Eye Institute is performed using lasers and provides access to more advanced IOLs. A femtosecond laser (a type of laser used in LASIK surgery) can be used to make an extremely precise incision in the cornea to gain access to the cataract, while also softening and breaking up the cataract itself. In addition, a laser takes real-time measurements of the eye during surgery to individualize IOL selection and validate its placement for your best possible vision.

What Premium Cataract Surgery Packages Are Available?

The cataract surgeons at the Dean McGee Eye Institute offer the following premium cataract packages:

  • Advanced Diagnostic Testing and Premium Lens Package – Includes a premium IOL designed specifically for individuals who wish to reduce dependence on glasses for distance, intermediate, and near vision.
  • Advanced Diagnostic Testing and Astigmatic Reduction – Includes an IOL specifically designed to reduce astigmatism and enable individuals to reduce dependence on glasses for distance vision.
  • Advanced Diagnostic Testing and Laser Incision – Includes a monofocal IOL with a focus at a specific distance (far, intermediate, or near) but with a more precise lens power for improved visual outcomes when compared to a standard cataract surgery.

What Are the Benefits of Premium Cataract Surgery?

Overall, premium cataract surgery is gentler, safer, and leads to more optimal visual results when compared to standard cataract surgery. The smaller incision aids in healing and ensures a better centering of the IOL, which is important for visual clarity.  A cataract that is softened and broken up by a laser is easier to remove, which poses less risk of damage to surrounding tissue. In addition, the combination of laser-assisted diagnostic testing and advanced IOLs provide state-of-the-art options that can improve your vision — even to the point of eliminating your need for eyeglasses for most activities.

What Is the Recovery Time after Premium Cataract Surgery?

Recovery from premium cataract surgery is comparable to recovery from standard cataract surgery.

You may wear a protective eye shield immediately following surgery for several hours or days to keep you from rubbing your eye or getting something in it. You may also be prescribed anti-inflammatory or antibiotic eye drops, and you will have a follow-up appointment with your surgeon either the same day or the next day.

It is normal to feel some discomfort, but this does not typically last more than a couple of days. Patients often notice visual improvement right away, but blurry vision initially after surgery is normal. Your eye will completely heal in a few weeks to a month, at which time your doctor will examine you to determine what, if any, new eyeglass prescription will be needed.

Does Medicare or Insurance Cover Premium Cataract Surgery?

Medicare and private health insurance will pay up to the amount they would have paid for standard cataract surgery. Any charges related to premium cataract surgery, such as the use of a laser, advanced diagnostics, and a premium IOL, will be above this amount, and thus an out-of-pocket expense.

Our surgeons can discuss with you the different packages we have available, and together you can decide which package is best for you based on your own circumstances.

Trust the Cataract Surgeons at the Nationally-Ranked Dean McGee Eye Institute

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