DMEI Surgeon Performs Groundbreaking Surgery Live for Worldwide Audience

Dean McGee Eye Institute’s Mahmoud A. Khaimi, MD keeps calm and collected throughout surgery, even as hundreds of physicians are watching via webinar.

Tuesday, March 28 marked an innovative day at DMEI. Dr. Khaimi performed a new, minimally invasive ABiC glaucoma surgery during a live webinar. The ABiC procedure is transforming the way glaucoma is treated and helps patients struggling with the disease.


Over 3 million Americans suffer from glaucoma, according to the Glaucoma Research Foundation. The damaging disease causes a buildup of fluid in the eye. Since glaucoma prevents the eye from draining, pressure begins to form. This pressure damages the optic nerve, harms vision, and causes pain in the eyes.

The disease’s progression moves slowly. However, once vision loss occurs, it’s impossible to recover. Until recently, doctors treated glaucoma with medicated drops, lasers, and invasive surgery. Now, physicians can offer a new treatment option that’s quick, effective, and minimally invasive.

ABiC Procedure

ABiC stands for Ab Interno Canaloplasty. Dr. Khaimi developed the procedure to be a less invasive alternative to traditional glaucoma surgery. With a small microcatheter, the eye’s natural drainage system can be reopened to improve the outflow of fluid. This lowers the eye’s pressure.

“It’s a minimally-invasive, yet highly effective way of rejuvenating the eye’s natural drain system, effectively lowering intraocular pressure to a level that is safe for the patient’s eye health,” Dr. Khaimi says.

Developing the procedure is a milestone in his career.

“Words cannot describe how much of an impact developing ABiC has had on my life, career, and most importantly, on my patient’s lives,” Dr. Khaimi explains. “I can now surgically treat glaucoma in a very safe manner. What’s even more amazing is that ABiC is less invasive than routine cataract surgery.”

Ideal candidates for the surgery are typically in the mild to moderate stages of glaucoma. Those who have undergone laser trabeculoplasty or have been unsuccessful with drop treatments may also be considered for the procedure.

The Live-Stream Webinar

Dr. Khaimi demonstrated the procedure to eye health professionals across the world via a live-stream webinar. By registering online, viewers could catch an inside glimpse into the procedure. Two separate ABiC procedures were performed on two glaucoma patients.

Webinar viewers could submit questions during the video stream. In between procedures, Dr. Khaimi answered questions about the specifics of each surgery and patient. Several news organizations covered the event as well.

Dr. Khaimi followed up with both patients the day after surgery. Both are recovering well post-procedure.

Transforming Patient Lives

DMEI patient, Leon McClinton of Stillwater is thankful for the treatment and his saved vision.

McClinton, Oklahoma State University’s Director of Housing, was told by a physician that he would certainly lose sight in one eye due to glaucoma. After telling coworkers the devastating news, he was referred to DMEI for a second opinion. Fortunately, he received good news.

While Dr. Khaimi diagnosed McClinton with glaucoma, he discovered McClinton qualified as a candidate for ABiC. The procedure was performed on both of McClinton’s eyes. It relieved pain and restored normal fluid flow. A year later, McClinton is doing fine and happy with his decision to pursue surgery with Dr. Khaimi.

“Dr. Khaimi said, ‘We are going to do surgery.’ He was so confident that it put me at ease,” McClinton says. “I’m glad I met him before it was too late.”

Compared to traditional glaucoma surgery, which can have lifelong restrictions and complications, patients don’t need to make lifestyle changes or alter their quality of life with ABiC.

Dean McGee Eye Institute - Dr. Khaimi with Glaucoma Patient

DMEI’s Commitment to Revolutionary Care

Dr. Khaimi is thrilled to help his patients with the latest innovations in eye care.

“This truly has been an extremely humbling and gratifying time in my career.” Dr. Khaimi says. “Moreover, on a larger scale, the advent of ABiC has had a monumental impact on the surgical management of glaucoma worldwide.”

DMEI is dedicated to revolutionary care and innovation. Our physicians are committed to providing advanced treatments in all major subspecialty areas of eye care. The institute is proud to pioneer such treatments in Oklahoma where thousands of patients may benefit.




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