Want To Launch A Career In Healthcare?
Here’s Why You Need To Study In Oklahoma

Oklahoma City is known for its huge oil and gas sector and for being the home of a popular basketball team. But recently the city’s been a hotbed for professionals after a career in healthcare.

By Matt Kefford
Mon Jun 21 2021
MBA Degree

Since The University of Oklahoma’s Michael F. Price College of Business (OU) added a specialist healthcare administration certificate to its MBA program in 2017, the city has attracted a wealth of healthcare professionals looking to develop their business skills.

Two of them, Dr Michael Siatkowski, an ophthalmology expert and CEO of the Dean McGee Eye Institute, and Peyton Brooks, a clinical pharmacist and informatics specialist who works with hospital IT systems, have seen their careers accelerated by the program. 

Here are four reasons they gave for why you should choose Oklahoma to launch your career in healthcare.

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