Symposium Supports Theme of Women in Medicine Month | Ashvini Reddy, MD

The American Medical Association deems September Women in Medicine Month, when the AMA Women Physicians Section honors physicians who support advancement of women in medical careers.

At the Women in Ophthalmology 2018 Summer Symposium in Ponte Vedra, Florida, AMA President Barbara L. McAneny, MD, addressed some of the goals of the AMA with regard to women in medicine, addressing the inequities women face in their medical careers. Other speakers similarly addressed challenges and opportunities, and presented clinical data as well. Read the highlights from the meeting:

AMA president advocates for more equitable future in medicine. American Medical Association President Barbara L. McAneny, MD, wants to energize women to enact change that will bring parity of leadership in “the house of medicine.” Read more. 

Research explores work, wealth and worth for women in ophthalmology. Wage disparity in ophthalmology is a complex topic, with growing interest in research on career advancement, recognition and income of women, according to Ashvini Reddy, MD, associate professor at Dean McGee Eye Institute. Read more.

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