Presbyterian Health Foundation Awards $3 Million to 2015 Grant Recipients

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The Presbyterian Health Foundation (PHF) announced the recipients of their 2015 medical research grants on. Working with Oklahoma’s medical community for 30 years and allotting more than $100 million in grants throughout their history, PHF has awarded more than $3 million to various organizations around the state to aid in medical education and research this year.

PHF’s priority is developing medical breakthroughs and expanding economic opportunities for medical professionals. The organization focuses largely on basic medical research, biotechnology and exemplary quality healthcare initiatives for Oklahomans. Their contributions to the medical community help propel Oklahoma to the forefront of research, breakthroughs and innovations.

PHF President Tom R. Gray, III stated, “We are enthusiastic about the medical advances being made in Oklahoma and the positive impact these funds will have on the grantees. It has always been PHF’s mission to accelerate research and foster substantial solutions to encourage development and advancement.”

Grant recipients were selected based on shared core values with PHF. This year, PHF was able to allocate more than $2 million in basic medical research grants to Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and Dean McGee Eye Institute. Nearly $1 million was allocated to organizations within or affiliated with the Oklahoma Health Center. Those organizations include: Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital, i2E, Children’s Hospital Foundation, Easter Seals of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Blood Institute, Oklahoma City University Physician’s Assistant Program and Oklahoma School for Science and Mathematics.

Announcement of the 2015 grant recipients was received with an outpouring of gratitude for PHF’s generosity. OMRF spokesperson commented, “We couldn’t be more appreciative of PHF’s gracious gift. Their generosity will enable us to pursue medical endeavors that will impact Oklahoma and the medical community at large.”

PHF looks forward to awarding more grants in the future.

PHF accelerates medical and bioscience research, yielding discoveries to solutions that save and enhance human life.

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