Nancy Lambert, BCO – Oklahoma Artist Creates Hope For Those Who’ve Lost An Eye

An Oklahoma artist never let an eye injury blur her sights on helping others. Instead it guided her down a path she never would have taken otherwise, creating more than hope for those who have lost an eye.

“They’re like snowflakes, every eye is different,” said Nancy Lambert, Board Certified Ocularist.

With every stroke of her paintbrush Lambert gives her small pieces of art life. She spends five days a week at Dean McGee Eye Institute seeing patients, each who has suffered the loss of an eye.

“It’s the window of the soul. When we look into people’s eyes, that’s how we speak to people,” she said.

So, her focus is to give them back what they’ve lost with a custom made acrylic prosthetic eye.

“I can only have empathy and understanding for what they are going through,” she said.

Her understanding comes from losing an eye herself at age 14. However, it’s through her own trauma and a love of art that she found her true calling as an ocularist.

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