Following Up with DMEI’s #SeeOKC Glasses-Free Contest Winner

The lucky contest winner, Lyndsay Schoenhals, is enjoying her dramatically improved vision. We followed up with her about her contest and DMEI LASIK experiences.

Life Before LASIK

Lyndsay wore glasses and contacts for nearly a decade. Like many others, she dealt with the inflexibility of having to switch from glasses to contacts for physical activities and exercise. The convenience that LASIK provides appealed to her.

“I wanted to get back the time it took to put in and take out my contacts each day, and be able to live a life without restraints,” Lyndsay says. “I was tired of having to pay for expensive doctor appointments and new contacts all the time.”

Before entering the contest, Lyndsay was unaware that DMEI offers elective LASIK procedures. DMEI is known for its specialized care in advanced eye health issues, but also offers a full spectrum of optical services like routine vision exams, a full-service optical shop, and refractive procedures like LASIK.

Quality Care

Once Lyndsay was revealed as a contest finalist, she was asked to come to DMEI for an initial LASIK consultation. LASIK consultation is the first step in determining if a patient is eligible for LASIK. Factors like age, medical history, and changes in vision are all taken into consideration. After the consultation, Lyndsay underwent a full visual evaluation by her surgeon, Dr. David W. Jackson, to be sure there were no underlying medical or physical conditions that would negatively impact the outcome of the procedure. Having the actual surgeon conduct the evaluation sets DMEI apart from other LASIK providers and helps ensure patients receive personalized care and achieve the best outcome possible.

After being cleared for surgery and being selected as the contest winner, Lyndsay was set for her LASIK procedure.

Lyndsay was a little nervous the day of surgery but says the nursing staff and her surgeon, Dr. David W. Jackson, made her feel reassured.

“The staff at DMEI were very friendly and knowledgeable,” she says. “I had two appointments before my actual surgery and they really helped me understand the process and what to expect. They answered all my questions and were able to talk to me during every part of the procedure.”

She says recovery was quick and painless.

“The day of my LASIK procedure, it was hard to keep my eyes open, but the next day I felt like I hadn’t even had surgery. I was up and going 24 hours later.”

What surprised Lyndsay most was how quickly her vision improved.

“I was told that I would be able to see perfectly the same day as the procedure, but that was very hard for me to believe, but sure enough, that night I could see everything clearly. It took me about a week to fully grasp that I would no longer need my glasses or contacts. It’s been about four months since my procedure and my eyes are only getting stronger.”

Post-LASIK, Lyndsay and her husband Ty enjoyed a stay at OKC’s Ambassador Hotel and used the gift cards she won to explore the city.

LASIK makes even the simple things in her life feel different.

“The best part is driving. I hated wearing my glasses while driving because they were a distraction,” Lyndsay says. “Now I can see everything perfectly. It’s amazing to not have to worry about putting in my contacts every morning and then having to take them out every night. I feel I can do more of what I want to do.”


Lyndsay recommends going in for an initial consultation if you’re interested in LASIK and to highly consider DMEI among LASIK providers.

“I would absolutely recommend DMEI to everyone I know for the LASIK procedure,” she says. “I couldn’t have asked for a better staff to take care of me.”

Is LASIK right for you? A free consultation with the team at DMEI will determine if you’re a candidate. Call for a free consultation at (405) 271-2500 or (877) 406-4193.

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