Dean McGee Eye Institute and the OKC Zoo


By Darla Shelden
City Sentinel Reporter

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – The Oklahoma City Zoo will offer fun, bargains and educational activities for the month of February.

Presented by Dean McGee Eye Institute, Eye Spy Safari for Kids is a free, interactive activity for children ages 3-11 to experience while exploring the OKC Zoo. Eye Spy Safari cards are available at the Zoo’s Guest Services and ZOOfriends’ offices. Each child who completes their “Eye Spy” scratch-off card will receive a prize. Prizes are available at the Safari Shop, in the entry plaza. Participation is free with Zoo admission.

The Oklahoma City Zoo is partnering with the Dean McGee Eye Institute to offer Eye Spy goers the opportunity to learn how the OKC Zoo is leading the way in local and global conservation efforts and how they can help save wildlife and wild places. Photo provided.

The Binocular Borrow program presented by Dean McGee Eye Institute, provides OKC Zoo guests with the opportunity to borrow a pair of branded binoculars during any visit at no cost. To participate, guests will bring a valid photo ID to the Zoo’s guest services office in the entry plaza and complete a quick information form. The photo ID will be securely held by Zoo officials as guests explore the Zoo, and will be returned when the binoculars are brought back to the office. One valid photo ID is required for each pair of binoculars. Participation is free with Zoo admission.

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