Where Are They Now?

Graduates of 2018

Joshua F. Hendrix, MD

Private Practice - Dalton, Georgia

Christina M. Lippe, MD

Dean McGee Eye Institute (six months)

Private Practice - Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

Andrew T. Melson, MD

Neuro-Ophthalmology Fellowship - Dean McGee Eye Institute/University of Oklahoma

Jason C. Smart, MD

Private Practice - Las Vegas, Nevada

Andrew E. Hack, MD

Private Practice - Greenville, South Carolina

James C. O’Brien, MD

Dean McGee Eye Institute/University of Oklahoma 

Shripaad Y. Shukla, MD

Private Practice - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Justin M. Spaulding, DO

Private Practice - Medford, Oregon

Graduates of 2017

Clifton C. Fay Jr., MD

Private Practice - Albany, Georgia

James C. O'Brien, MD

Dean McGee Eye Institute/University of Oklahoma

Andrew L. Rodenburg, MD

Private Practice - Bismarck, North Dakota

Eli Sluch, MD

Cornea Fellowship - Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Palm Beach, Florida

Daniel E. Montenegro, MD

Faculty - Kresge Eye Institute/Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan

Matthew D. Cooke, MD

Academic Practice - Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Graduates of 2016

James R. Hoffmann, MD

Private Practice - McFarland Eye Center in Little Rock, Arkansas

Jonathan M. Perkins, MD

Retina Center - Lake Charles, Louisiana

Jeremy F. Tan, MD

Dean McGee Eye Institute/University of Oklahoma

Andrew A. Wilson, MD

Private Practice -  Athens, Georgia

Graduates of 2015

Derek P. Bitner, MD

Wolf Eye Clinic - Des Moines, Iowa

Jared R. Jackson, MD 

Private Practice - Midwest City, Oklahoma

Evan C. Sussenbach, MD

Private Practice - Columbus, Georgia

Jonathan P. Walgama, MD

Private Practice - Longview, Texas

Graduates of 2014

Evan J. Allan, MD

Private Practice - Twin Falls, Idaho

Yasser M. Elshatory, MD, PhD

Eye Surgeons Associates - Bettendorf, Iowa

Blake A. Isernhagen, MD

Retina Associates of Kentucky - Lexington, Kentucky

Tyler K. Sorensen, MD

Private Practice - Salt Lake City, Utah

Graduates of 2013

Eldad Adler, MD

Milauskas Eye Institute - California

Andrew K. Bailey, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor - Dean McGee Eye Institute/University of Oklahoma

Jacquelyn A. Jetton, MD, MSc

Emory Eye Center - Atlanta, Georgia

Sean Paul, MD

Private Practice - Austin, Texas

Graduates of 2012

Ore-ofe O. Adesina, MD

Faculty - Cizik Eye Clinic, Ruiz Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Science

Adam A. Carver, MD

Private Practice - Springfield, Missouri

Annie Y. Chan, MD

Assistant Professor - University of Texas San Antonio

Ronald P. Hobbs, MD

Private Practice - Phoenix, Arizona

Graduates of 2011

Ben J. Harvey, MD

Private Practice - Moore, Oklahoma

Kevin A. Kerr, MD

Private Practice - Stephenville, Texas

Paul S. Tlucek, MD

Private Practice - Retina Northwest, Portland, Oregon

Graduates of 2010

Dan Brooks, MD

Private Practice - Boise, Idaho  

Annie Moreau, MD

Associate Professor - Dean McGee Eye Institute/University of Oklahoma

Byron Wilkes, MD

Private Practice - Little Rock, Arkansas

Graduates of 2009

Jake P. Bostrom, MD

Private Practice - Greenville, South Carolina  

Eric S. Guglielmo, MD

Private Practice - Spokane, Washington  

Allyson D. Schmitt, MD

Private Practice - Knoxville, Tennessee

Graduates of 2008

Gene W. Chen, MD

Private Practice - Crestview, Florida 

Matthew Traynor, MD

Private Practice - Idaho Falls, Idaho  

Scott M. Guess, MD

Private Practice - Missoula, Montana

Graduates of 2007

Eugene Eng, MD

Private Practice - Roanoke, Virginia  

Joshua Fullmer, MD

Private Practice - Rexburg, Idaho  

Gregory D. Kiblinger, MD

Private Practice - Tyler, Texas

Graduates of 2006

Ensa K. Pillow, MD

Comprehensive Ophthalmology - VA Medical Center - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  

Elizabeth R. Waller, MD

Private Practice - Charlotte, North Carolina  

Tammy L. Yanovitch, MD, MHSc

Clinical Associate Professor - Dean McGee Eye Institute/University of Oklahoma

Graduates of 2005

Jeffrey A. Boomer, MD

Private Practice - Wichita, Kansas  

Silvia McKevitt, MD

Private Practice - Seattle, Washington  

Billi Wallace, MD

Associate Professor and Residency Program Director, University of Missouri at Kansas City

Graduates of 2004

Sterling L. Cannon, MD

Private Practice - Columbus, Georgia  

Donald U. Stone, MD

Spokane Eye Clinic - Spokane, Washington

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