Thousands of people have gone through the LASIK experience at the Dean McGee Eye Institute.  Here's what a few are saying.


Patient Account Representative

"Dr. Jackson was a great doctor. It has been three weeks since I had the surgery done and I couldn’t be any happier. I can see much better than I ever could and I am able to see far distance plus watch television with a much clearer vision. This surgery has changed my life drastically and I wish I had done it much sooner and regret that I waited so long."


Teacher, Sign Language Student

"It's amazing.  Before calling Dean McGee, I couldn't even make out facial features."



Mother, Wife, Decorator

"With all my appointments, my baby, my husband...the last thing I need to keep track of is glasses. Laser vision correction is completely liberating. I feel like the bionic woman!"

Jim and Marcie

Father, Home Builder
Nursing Student

"I never thought about laser surgery before, but Marci sold me. She couldn't stop talking about it. Now I can see every single leaf on every single tree."


Administrator at Dean McGee Eye Institute

"Because I work here, I've seen the difference technology can make. So when I was ready for my procedure, I knew there was only one choice for me. Now I'm a walking ad for Dean McGee."

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