Stark Lectureship

The Walter J. Stark Memorial Lectureship

Walter J. Stark served as Administrator of the Dean McGee Eye Institute from 1978 until 1991. Under his stewardship, the Institute grew from three floors with five ophthalmologists to six floors of physicians and basic scientists. The number of patients seen each year doubled—and then doubled again.

With a small handful of colleagues, Mr. Stark shares the Dean McGee Eye Institute as his legacy.

During his tenure, he carefully scrutinized its operations, conserving its assets and keeping it sound and strong. Through the Institute’s activities in education, vision research, and patient care, citizens throughout Oklahoma have benefited from Mr. Stark’s leadership.

His colleagues, friends, and family have generously created the Walter J. Stark Memorial Lectureship in tribute to and in memory of his contributions to ophthalmology, the Oklahoma Health Center, and the great state of Oklahoma.

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Walter J. Stark Lecturers

2019 Ruth D. Williams, MD
2018 George A. Williams, MD
2017 Keith D. Carter, MD
2016 Alfred Sommer, MD, MHS
2015 Bartly J. Mondino, MD
2014 Russell N. Van Gelder, MD, PhD
2013 Terrence P. O’Brien, MD
2012 Paul Sternberg, Jr., MD
2011 Susan H. Day, MD
2010 John G. Clarkson, MD
2009 Paul R. Lichter, MD
2008 Julia A. Haller, MD
2007 William L. Rich III, MD
2006 Richard P. Mills, MD, MPH
2005 Peter J. McDonnell, MD
2004 Roger A. Dailey, MD
2003 Richard L. Abbott, MD
2002 Carmen A. Puliafito, MD, MBA
2001 Douglas D. Koch, MD
2000 George W. Blankenship, MD
1999 Morton F. Goldberg, MD
1998 M. Bruce Shields, MD
1997 Neil R. Miller, MD
1996 W. Richard Green, MD
1995 Ronald E. Smith, MD
1994 Charles P. Wilkinson, MD
1993 Dan B. Jones, MD
1992 Walter J. Stark, Jr., MD

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