Ophthalmology 9101

(2 Week Selective for the 3rd or 4th Year Student)

Ophthalmic knowledge and skills are an important part of medical practice. The ophthalmology rotation is designed to give medical students and residents an opportunity to learn clinical ophthalmology for the primary care physician. In order to provide optimal patient care all physicians should be able to:

  1. Measure and record visual acuity
  2. Evaluate a red eye
  3. Evaluate a traumatized eye
  4. Detect strabismus and abnormal eye movements
  5. Detect abnormal pupillary responses
  6. Perform direct ophthalmoscopy to detect abnormalities of the optic disc and posterior ocular fundus.
  7. Initiate appropriate management and/or physician referral for detected or suspected abnormalities of the eye and visual systems.
Reference Material:Basic Ophthalmology for Medical Students and Primary Care Residents edited by Cynthia A. Bradford, MD, published by the American Academy of Ophthalmology.
Video:Management of Diabetic Retinopathy
Slide Scripts:Diabetic Retinopathy
Eye Trauma and Emergencies
Glaucoma: Diagnosis and Management
Managing the Red Eye
Understanding and Preventing Amblyopia

Year in Program: 3, 4
Duration: 2wk selective; 1mo elective
Contact Person: Helen Howell (helen-howell@dmei.org)
Phone: 405.271.7816
Location: DMEI
Enroll: OU Students apply through Student Affairs; Visiting Students apply through VSAS.

NOTE: Students are advised not to take more than two ophthalmology electives at the University of Oklahoma or another institution.
For Additional online Educational materials visit the OUHSC College of Medicine Hippocrates site.

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