Nancy A. Lambert, BCO
Director, Ocular Prosthetic Service


From a Grateful Patient...

"I am in Dean McGee at least 3 times a year. They saved my life when I was diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma. My eye had to be removed. I have one of the leading Ocularists in the Country!! Nancy Lambert is as good as they come & her work is extraordinary! You cannot mention Nancy without mentioning her caring and compassionate disposition! I also see Dr. Brian Firestone who is an Ophthalmologist that specializes in Ocular Oncology & Ocular Pathology. I receive the ABSOLUTE BEST care possible in my Ocular Team! I have ONE eye, I don't get another chance & I didn't lose my eye in a random accident. I had cancer. Thank you, DMEI for going the extra mile for me." - Alison D.

* Results may vary.
** These are testimonials by patients of Dean McGee Eye Institute. The opinions reflect our patients’ personal experience with their treatment. However, surgical results and treatment outcomes may vary from person to person. Discuss typical outcomes of your procedure with your surgeon and set realistic expectations based on your body type, lifestyle, and medical history. Optimum results are achieved when supported with good nutrition and exercise.

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