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Get Laser Vision Correction from one of the top eye institutes in the country: Dean McGee Eye Institute, Oklahoma‚Äôs choice for outstanding patient care!

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Oklahoma Health Center

Alexander Davis, MD, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor 

Oklahoma Health Center

David W. Jackson, MD
Clinical Associate Professor 

Oklahoma Health Center

Garett S. Frank, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor 


Jean R. Hausheer, MD, FACS
Clinical Professor 

The most common laser and surgical vision correction procedure performed today is LASIK (Laser in-situ Keratomileusis). In LASIK, a surgeon combines the use of a microkeratome and the excimer laser. The microkeratome is a very precise surgical instrument, which is used to create and lift a thin flap of corneal tissue. When this flap is lifted, the surgeon uses the laser to reshape the underlying corneal tissue (the stroma) and correct the nearsightedness, farsightedness and/or astigmatism. The flap is then placed back over the cornea and heals quickly without stitches. LASIK is our procedure of choice in most cases because it does not alter the surface of the cornea. This promotes faster healing and less chance of scarring or discomfort after the procedure.

 "It's amazing. Before calling Dean McGee, I couldn't even make out facial features."
 – Keri (Teacher)


 "I never thought about laser surgery before, but Marci sold me. She couldn't stop talking about it. Now I can see every single leaf on every single tree."  - Jim (Home Builder)


 "With all my appointments, my baby, my husband...the last thing I need to keep track of is glasses. Laser vision correction is completely liberating. I feel like the bionic woman!" - Lisa (Decorator)


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