Bradley K. Farris, MD Global Eye Care Program

The Bradley K. Farris, MD Global Eye Care Program works to eliminate preventable blindness. We are inspired by the World Health Organization’s VISION 2020 program to help eliminate preventable blindness. Using a public health approach to blindness and vision loss, we target underserved populations by partnering to strengthen existing local eye care providers. We systematically assess, plan, implement and evaluate programs in ways that are culturally sensitive and relevant. We are disciplined in fostering sustainability in all our work.

The program divides its efforts equally to meet local needs and those in other countries and works to develop collaborations that support and strengthen existing resources. The  program has three main activities, to:

serve – medical and surgical missions;

teach – local personnel and engage in residency and fellowship training; and

discover – research needs and ways to best meet them.

Mary Bee Clark, an Oklahoma City resident and local artist, has written and illustrated two books for young children. Upon being diagnosed with lung cancer and later passing in 2015, Mary Bee decided to seize the day and pursue her dream of publishing children’s books. My Gran’s Glasses is a colorful and fun text that showcases a Gran’s eclectic glasses wardrobe. Following her illness, Mary Bee became even more empathetic towards others who were suffering. 100% of the author’s proceeds from My Gran’s Glasses are donated to the Dean McGee Eye Institute’s Bradley K. Farris, MD Global Eye Care Program.

To order My Gran's Glasses please call Full Circle Bookstore at 405.842.2900 or 800.683.READ.               



What is most rewarding aspect of providing eye care in underdeveloped areas?
"It’s truly making an impact on someone’s day-to-day life.  You certainly make a difference here in the US doing cataract surgery. The severity of vision loss that you see in underdeveloped countries, however, can be profound. Helping a person see well so that they can once again provide for themselves and their family is incredibly rewarding." - Jacquelyn A. Jetton O'Banion, MD, MSc (2013 - 2014 Global Eye Care Fellow)

“Young, bright physicians from around the country are beginning to recognize that the Dean McGee Eye Institute is THE place to train for both domestic and international excellence in ophthalmology.” - Bradley K. Farris, MD

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