Eye Exams and Vision Care in OKC, Edmond, or Lawton

Image of a woman picking out eye glasses after her eye exam

An important part of maintaining good eye health is to receive regular vision checkups from your primary eye doctor. This allows your doctor to spot any vision problems as they occur and to treat them. If you are in need of a primary eye care provider, trust the Dean McGee Eye Institute, a center of quality patient care that is known for its world-class eye doctors, cutting edge treatments, pioneering vision research, and highly ranked education programs impacting vision care in OKC and beyond.

Eye Exams – Vital for all!

Many eye doctors recommend you have a comprehensive eye exam every one to two years. Depending on your age, other risk factors and whether or not you currently wear corrective lenses, you may need to make more regular visits to your eye doctor. 

It is also essential that children receive regular eye exams, to detect any possible vision issues that may interfere with their learning. Occasionally, learning difficulties and struggling in school can be traced to simple vision problems that can be easily corrected with proper diagnosis and treatment, such as corrective lenses. 

From basic family vision care provided by our team of optometrists to advanced medical and surgical treatment from our renowned ophthalmologists to specialized services for dry eyes, contact lenses, optical services, and elective vision correction, the Dean McGee Eye Institute can meet all your eye exam needs.

View our list of eye doctors in OKC at the OHC and NW Office, and in Edmond or Lawton. Selected services are also available in Enid and Shawnee.  Schedule an appointment for yourself or your loved one today!

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