Education Awards


2016 James B. Wise, MD

2015 Cynthia A. Bradford, MD

2014 James L. Dunagin, Jr., MD

2013 Stanley W. Muenzler, MD

2012 John A. Robinson, MD

2011 Sterling S. Baker, MD

2010 Roland A. Walters, MD

2009 Lee E. Schoeffler, MD


2018 Vinay A. Shah, MD

2017 Brian K. Firestone, MD

2016 Janine E. Collinge, MD

2015 Annie Moreau, MD, FACS

2014 Alex W. Cohen, MD, PhD

2013 Deana S. Watts, MD

2012 Ralph B. Hester III, MD

2011 R. Michael Siatkowski, MD

2010 R. Michael Siatkowski, MD

2009 Bradley K. Farris, MD

2008 James Chodosh, MD, MPH

2007 Robert E. Leonard II, MD

2006 R. Michael Siatkowski, MD

2005 Scott C. Sigler, MD

2004 Charles P. Bogie III, MD, PhD

2003 James Chodosh, MD, MPH

2002 Deana S. Watts, MD

2001 R. Michael Siatkowski, MD

2000 James Chodosh, MD, MPH

1999 Scott C. Sigler, MD

1998 James Chodosh, MD, MPH

1997 Thomas C. Wolf, MD

1996 Mark H. Scott, MD

1995 Robert G. Small, MD

1994 Rebecca K. Morgan, MD

1993 Stephen R. Fransen, MD

1992 Cynthia A. Bradford, Jr., MD

1991 James M. Richard, MD

1990 Reagan H. Bradford, Jr., MD

1989 Bradley K. Farris, MD

1988 Ronald M. Kingsley, MD


2018 Andrew K. Bailey, MD

2017 Layne E. Goetzinger, MD

2016 David W. Jackson, MD

2015 Andrew K. Bailey, MD

2014 Annie Moreua, MD, FACS

2013 Ronald M. Kingsley, MD

2012 Adam G. de la Garza, MD

2011 Ensa K. Pillow, MD

2010 Mahmoud A. Khaimi, MD

2009 Layne E. Goetzinger, MD

2008 Donald U. Stone, MD

2007 Layne E. Goetzinger, MD

2006 Cynthia A. Bradford, MD

2005 Adam C. Reynolds, MD


2018 Christina M. Lippe, MD and Andrew T. Melson, MD

2017 Joshua F. Hendrix, MD

2016 Jeremy F. Tan, MD

2015 Andrew A. Wilson, MD

2014 Jared R. Jackson, MD

2013 Yasser M. Elshatory, MD

2012 Ronald P. Hobbs, MD

2011 Paul S. Tlucek, MD

2010 Kevin A. Kerr, MD

2009 Daniel R. Brooks, MD & Annie Moreau, MD

2008 Allyson D. Schmitt, MD

2007 Eugene H. Eng, MD

2006 Tammy L. Yanovitch, MD

2005 Tammy L. Yanovitch, MD

2004 Donald U. Stone, MD

2003 Donald U. Stone, MD

2002 Lucas Trigler, MD

2001 Lucas Trigler, MD

2000 Alan A. Norman, MD & Darin R. Haivala, MD

1999 Alan A. Norman, MD

1998 Scot A. Sullivan, MD

1997 Joel C. Razook, MD

1996 Charlotte R. Thompson, MD

1995 Helga F. Pizio, MD

1994 Ann Acers-Warn, MD

1993 P. Lloyd Hildebrand, MD & Susan R. Wilton, MD

1992 Jeffrey T. Shaver, MD

1991 Siv B. Saetre, MD & Mark H. Scott, MD

1990 Nelson R. Sabates, MD

1989 Robert H. Bullington, Jr. MD

1988 Jeffrey W. Grisham, MD

1987 Stephen R. Fransen, MD

Robert G. Small, MD Resident Award for Medical Student Education

2018 Joshua F. Hendrix, MD

2017 Andrew L. Rodenburg, MD

2016 Jeremy F. Tan, MD

2015 Evan C. Sussenbach, MD

2014 Yasser M. Elshatory, MD, PhD

2013 Andrew K. Bailey, MD

2012 Adam A. Carver, MD

2011 Paul S. Tlucek, MD

2010 Byron Wilkes, MD

Annie Moreau, MD Fellow Teaching Award

2018 Shripaad Y. Shukla, MD

2017 Matthew D. Cooke, MD

2016 Jared R. Jackson, MD

2014 Andrew K. Bailey, MD

2013 Adam A. Carver, MD

2011 Annie Moreau, MD

Resident Outstanding Staff Award

2018 Melissa Greene, VA Ophthalmic Technician

2017 Geraldine de la Cerda

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