Coston Lectureship

Tullos O. Coston Lectureship

Tullos O. Coston, MD moved to Oklahoma in 1936 from the faculty of the Wilmer Ophthalmological Institute at Johns Hopkins. He was described by his former Chairman Alan Woods as “one of the ablest technical ophthalmic surgeons in the country” and a man of “sterling honesty”.

In 1971 Dean McGee, President and CEO of Kerr-McGee Corp., developed a retinal detachment. This was successfully repaired by Dr. Coston, assisted by Thomas E. Acers, MD. In return, Mr. McGee helped assembled a team of Oklahoma community and business leaders to shepherd the development of an institute. Through the efforts of Drs. Coston, Acers and Clay the Dean McGee Eye Institute was founded.

In honor of the enormous contributions of Dr. Coston a named lectureship has been established in his honor. Held at the Annual Resident and Alumni Meeting distinguished ophthalmologists are invited to share their research, interest and expertise.

Parke award and others

Coston Lecturers

2019 David W. Parke II, MD
2018 Anne L. Coleman, MD, PhD
2017 David F. Chang, MD
2016 Carol L. Shields, MD
2015 Andrew G. Lee, MD
2014 Peter A. Netland, MD, PhD
2013 Randall J. Olson, MD
2012 Stephen C. Plugfielder, MD
2011 Roger F. Steinert, MD
2010 George B. Bartley, MD
2009 Stephen S. Lane, MD
2008 Joel S. Schuman, MD
2007 David K. Dueker, MD
2006 Luther L. Fry, MD, FACS
2005 W. Stanley Muenzler, MD
2004 C. P. Wilkinson, MD
2003 M. Bruce Shields, MD
2002 J. Bronwyn Bateman, MD
2001 Thomas E. Acers, MD
2000 Jerry A. Shields, MD
1999 Douglas D. Koch, MD
1998 Gary W. Abrams, MD
1997 John D. Hunkeler, MD
1996 George O. Waring III, MD
1995 Darrell E. Wolfley, MD
1994 Richard H. Keates, MD
1993 Bruce E. Spivey, MD
1992 George L. Spaeth, MD
1991 Herbert E. Kaufman, MD
1990 David Paton, MD
1989 James H. Elliott, MD
1988 J. Lawton Smith, MD
1987 Arthur J. Jampolsky, MD
1986 Dan B. Jones, MD
1985 Stephen J. Ryan, MD
1984 Bradley R. Straatsma, MD
1983 A. Edward Maumenee, MD
1982 David Shoch, MD
1981 Irving H. Leopold, MD
1980 Charles E. Iliff, MD

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