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  • 405.271.6084

    If you would like to contact us by email to reorder your prescription or to ask us questions, you may do so but please understand that email messages sent over the internet are unsecure. Please do not include in your email message any financial information such as credit card numbers or any of your personal medical information.

    With regards to issues of personal and/or family eye health and disease, we cannot provide definitive advice on the basis of e-mail information. We may be able to respond to specific questions, but there may be a delay in response. Please do not use this e-mail address for any urgent issues. If you want to make an appointment for consultation, please visit the "Making an Appointment" pages of our web site for the appropriate process.

    Should you wish to proceed with sending us your request or message via email, please click here and we will be happy to call you and discuss your needs.

    The Contact Lens Specialist works with your doctor to ensure the best choice of lenses for your unique needs.

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