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A cataract is a condition wherein the natural lens in your eye becomes cloudy or yellowed and hardened, resulting in blurry vision, nighttime glare, color distortion and other symptoms. Usually, cataracts come about as you age, but the onset may be earlier than you think. Thus, it is important to receive regular eye exams and be aware of the symptoms of cataracts so that you can enjoy a better quality of life and no slow, long-term diminishment of your vision.

Cataract Surgery Options are Available

Thanks to advances in research – including research and medical trials conducted right here at Dean McGee Eye Institute – there are multiple options for cataract removal and treatment. Your own unique situation will determine the cataract treatments that are right for you.


For those who want to reduce dependence on glasses after surgery there are advanced techniques available at an upgraded price over standard cataract surgery. If you believe these advanced techniques are right for you,  visit our page to learn more about our premium cataract services.

Schedule a consultation for cataract treatment in Oklahoma City or one of our other convenient offices. Don’t let poor vision dim your quality of life.  Call today!

Image of Clincial Professor Jean R. Hausheer, MD, FACS
Jean R. Hausheer, MD, FACS
Clinical Professor 
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Anil D. Patel, MD

Clinical Professor
Neuro Fellowship Director

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Brian K. Firestone, MD

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Ralph B. Hester III, MD
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Ann A. Warn, MD, MBA
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Layne E. Goetzinger, MD
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David W. Jackson, MD
Clinical Associate Professor 


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Deana S. Watts, MD
Clinical Associate Professor 

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